Binance to me is the overall best wallet. Is has the lowest trading fees and that’s what everyone wants right??

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But that’s not why we are here. We’re here to get MONEY!! With that being said Binance offers a referral bonus and here is what they offer.

The Binance referral code will get you a 20% trading fee discount. To save an additional 25%, you must use BNB to pay for trading fees. To pay trading fees with BNB, you must have BNB and enable “using BNB to pay for fees (25% discount)” in the account tab. That will bring your total discount to 45% (20% from the code + 25% from BNB). You can then save even more by trading volume.

How to Sign Up and Get Your Binance Referral Code

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for obtaining a Binance referral code ID to share with your friends so you can participate in the Binance ID kickback program. Not only will these steps save you up to 45% in fees, but you’ll also learn how to make up to 50% in kickbacks (or 30% if you share the max amount with invitees like us).

Time needed: 5 Minutes for initial sign-up
ID required: Most government issued ID’s will be adequate

Step 1 of 6 for signing up to obtaining your own Binance referral code ID and link
  1. Start the Binance sign-up process

Use our Binance Referral ID to save 20% in trading fees for life. Clicking the link will automatically bring you to Binance’s official website with the code applied. So there’s no extra work for you, but plenty of added benefits.

Step 2 of 6 for Binance referral code ID process, arrive on's sign-up page.
  1. Input your desired Password and Email

Once you land on the Binance sign-up page, you will see the 20% discount is applied, and you can begin to input the desired password and email you want your new Binance account to use. Consider using a password manager as you start to get more involved in the Cryptocurrency space; the number of needed passwords can really start to climb. 

We suggest LastPass for their reliability and great user data monitoring ability, which can help a ton as they will automatically alert you of any company data breaches you have previously signed up for that are learned about (worry not, Binance is still SAFU).

Step 3 of 6 for signing up for your Binance referral code, click on the user icon in the top left of the screen which displays 'Referral', click on that button to be brought to the next screen.
  1. Navigating to the Referral section of your account

As you can see in the above image, we are pointing to the account icon you will need to click on in order to be presented with the “Referral” option. Once it is displayed on your screen, click on this option. You will then be forwarded to the Binance referral dashboard. This is the area where you will start the process of generating your own referral ID code and link.

Step 4 of 6 for obtaining your own Binance referral code ID and link, click on the button named 'Generate your own link' to bring up the next set of options.
  1. Generating your own referral link

Now that you are on Binance’s referral dashboard, you will see plenty of options. The only one of concern at this moment is the one we have highlighted in our image above. Click the button called “Generate your link” to move to the next step.

Step 5 of 6 for getting your own Binance referral ID code and link, select which percentage you want your friends and family to receive as their own Binance kickback trading discount.
  1. Select the percentage discount you want to offer

You are now presented with numerous options highlighted in the image above, these represent what percentage you will receive and what amount your referrers will get for their Binance trading discount. Once you are happy with the amount given, you are given the ability to add a “Note” to this specific code. If you are planning to make multiple referral codes, then adding a name to identify them going forward more easily is a great idea and will save you a headache later.

  1. Sharing your newly generated Binance referral code ID and link

Lastly, you will now see your newly created unique referral code, congratulations! You can now spread the love with your own personalized referral code discount to anyone you like. Press either of the highlighted buttons shown in the image above, and the contents will be automatically copied to your clipboard for easy sharing. Enjoy!Important Reminder
Don’t forget you’ll need to keep 500 BNB in your account for an average of 30 days to get the full commission on referral links you share. To get the most on your holdings, make sure to use Binance flexible savings!

So if your interested in Binance here is your link!!!!